Chelsea F.C. Women Take Hydration Into their Own Hands

Chelsea Football Club Women

Chelsea FC logoThis six-time Women’s Super League champion team, based in England, has incorporated the MX3 LAB into regular team use since 2021. The team takes hydration measurements in early mornings and after training. Athletes identified as under-hydrated are rehydrated and advised on new hydration procedures. 

Harry McCulloch is the Movement Coach for the 26-player team, and these are his words:

The Goal: A Simpler and More Efficient Way to Handle Hydration Testing

“The MX3 allows us the freedom to measure hydration quickly and accurately on the go compared to traditional more clumsy methods. Whether that be on a plane while traveling abroad, at breakfast or at the stadium on gameday, we can instantly review data through the app to make decisions that directly impact performance.” 

The Solution: Players Use the MX3 Hydration Testing System

“Players can be trusted to collect samples that would otherwise be the sole job of the nutritionist or performance coach, freeing up resources and handing responsibility to the players.”

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