The Device does not turn on
Make sure Device is charged. Plug the USB-C cable into the charging port, wait a few minutes and try to turn on the Device again.

The Device does not play a tone when a sample is taken
The Device will play a tone when sufficient saliva is taken. Please continue to try and collect a sample for up to 10 seconds. If Device remains silent, remove the current sensor, discard and try a new one. Follow saliva collection recommendations in section 10 to minimize failure.

The Device is displaying a red light and a blank screen
Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until the red light turns off. Then turn Device back on again.

The Device doesn’t appear in the device list in the App
Make sure your Device is turned on. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone/iPad.

The Device is displaying a “bad sensor” message and beeping
The currently inserted sensor is either used or faulty. Remove the current sensor, discard and try a new one.


In basic terms, SOSM values increase as dehydration increases, and they decrease as hydration status improves. Most people will exhibit a gradual increase in SOSM as they exercise. This relative change in SOSM is reflected in the status scale bar that appears in the MX3 App immediately after a measurement is taken. While comparison of SOSM measurements with population averages can provide an estimate of hydration status, every individual’s SOSM range and hydration response is unique. To provide the most accurate hydration analysis, SOSM measurements should be compared to a personal baseline measurement taken under optimal hydration conditions.

By comparing with this individual baseline, users can learn more about their personalized hydration range. A small proportion of people will lose an unusually large amount of salt for a given amount of water loss when exercising. For these individuals SOSM may not change significantly, indicating that water has not been selectively lost. Isotonic solutions may assist recovery in these instances.


To produce a saliva sample, generate saliva actively and scoop saliva outwards against your bottom lip using your tongue. To optimize the accuracy of measurements taken with the MX3 System, we recommend the following:

  • Wait at least 10 minutes after any liquid consumption before taking a measurement.
  • Try to maintain a consistent approach to how and where saliva samples are taken.
  • Do not eject sensor until prompted by Device or App.
  • Do not push the sensor too firmly against the lip or tongue.
  • Do not cover the top of the sensor with tongue, lip or any other part of the mouth as it can prevent saliva collection in the sensor.
  • Avoid sampling from overly bubbly saliva samples for more consistent readings.


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