Test, Track, and Optimize Team Hydration

MX3 Hydration Testing System

Putting the Power of a Lab in a Trainer’s Hands

As an athletic team trainer or coach, you need the tools to understand your athletes’ health and performance. MX3 is a reliable, portable, and easy-to-use system to track hydration levels and electrolyte loss of individual team members – then allow you to track and assess athletes over time.

The MX3 LAB Pro gives trainers the ability to regularly and easily measure their athletes’ hydration levels and to develop precise rehydration strategies to avoid injury and improve performance.

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“With MX3 we were able to test athletes simply, easily and regularly with instant results. This is the first device that gives us coaches the opportunity to monitor any changes of adaptation within our athletes, whilst training in both warm and cool climates. MX3 is a must-have for any coach or sports performance professional.”
- Ollie Allan, director of Tri-Alliance, one of the largest triathlon training teams in Australia.

How MX3 Works for Teams

The MX3 LAB Pro’s simple saliva-based test lets you gather baseline hydration levels for all athletes

On the field, use the MX3 LAB Pro to gather post-exercise hydration levels for all team members

The MX3 Dashboard (on phone, desktop or tablet) provides a quick glance of overall team members’ hydration, and easily spot potential dehydration risks in individual athletes

Use the MX3 Sweat Test on athletes after exercise to assess individual electrolyte loss, then develop a personal hydration and rehydration strategy for each athlete

Continue to take hydration measurements and monitor the Dashboard for potential new risks and to adjust hydration strategies for the entire team and for individuals

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