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MX3 is constantly improving the Mobile App by adding additional features and updating our algorithms. We recommend that you update your Mobile App to the latest version. 

Supported Mobile OS Versions

The earliest mobile device OS version still supported is Android 10 & iOS 10. Earlier versions are no longer supported and devices should be updated to the latest OS for continued use.

(Last changed June 2023)


App Change Log

V5.0 - May 2023
  • New Feature: Measurement Sessions
  • New Feature: Custom Measurements
  • New Feature: Linked Measurements
  • New Feature: Measurement Surveys
  • New Feature: Discovery Tab
  • New Permissions System replacing the Tag Manager system
  • General usability/stability changes  
V4.1 March 2021
  • New Feature: Local-Mode measurement uploading and assignment
  • New Feature: Active Directory integration
  • New Feature: Support for customisable questionnaire/survey 
  • New Feature: Support for button-less firmware update
V4.0 May 2020
  • New Feature: Sweat Sodium Measurements
  • New Feature: Measurement PDF reports
  • Reworked App interface to improve workflow and speed


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