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Hydration is essential for athletic performance. Detrimental physical and cognitive effects begin to impact performance at as little as 1-2% body mass loss. These effects includes a reduction in muscular endurance and strength, increased fatigue and impaired decision making. With intense exercise the amount of water lost through sweat can easily exceed the rate at which fluid is absorbed by the intestines – so starting training or competition with a mild dehydration will accelerate the decline in performance, even when actively drinking.

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Routine hydration assessment is vital for determining the fluid needs of athletes and identifying athletes at risk of dehydration. The MX3 Hydration Testing System allows you to rapidly screen your team before and after training to identify athletes in need of modified hydration strategies necessary to ensure optimal performance. Saliva osmolarity measurements with the MX3 HTS are immediate, actionable, and non-invasive, allowing you to assess and improve hydration anytime and anywhere. The MX3 App and Portal make it easy to track and analyze hydration data for teams and organizations of any size.


How Hydration Testing Improves Performance

Regular hydration testing helps performance athletes and teams to develop personalized hydration strategies. With the knowledge of their hydration status provided by MX3’s immediate results, athletes and teams can stay healthier and train smarter. Athletes like the IRONMAN Team Tri-Alliance and Melbourne Midday Milers use MX3 technology to optimize their training and improve performance.

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The MX3 Hydration Testing System seamlessly pairs with the MX3 Sweat Sodium Test for estimation of electrolyte losses. Combined, these products allow you to create highly personalized rehydration strategies for every athlete, in any context.

MX3 customers include NCAA, MLB, NBA, NFL, and national teams who use our products to routinely monitor hydration and develop highly personalized fluid and electrolyte replacement plans. Learn more about MX3's hydration testing products, or contact us for more information.

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