Regular testing optimizes hydration in performance athletes

Simple MX3 test allows for regular monitoring and hydration adjustments to help athletes perform their best

MX3 Diagnostics was the official hydration diagnostics partner for the 2019-2020 IRONMAN Oceania Series. IRONMAN Oceania operates several elite endurance races, including the iconic IRONMAN triathlon series, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Training for and competing in IRONMAN races requires both physical and mental stamina—and hydration is a key element to both. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, injury and sickness. By using the MX3 PRO, athletes could test before, during and after races to track and adjust their personalized hydration status.


Hydration Knowledge Improves Athletes’ Health & Performance


Ollie Allan, director and head coach of Team Tri-Alliance, called the MX3 PRO a “game changer.” He added:

“Everyone knows the vital role hydration plays within our sport; it can literally make or break you. With a large number of athletes within the Tri-Alliance team aiming for more challenging goals like IRONMAN and 70.3 events, we are always striving to prepare them with greater and more accurate information.

Now that we're partnering with MX3 Diagnostics, we have removed the guess work when it comes to athlete hydration and education. MX3’s simple testing allows our coaches to regularly monitor and provide immediate feedback to our athletes, promoting optimized hydration, encouraging better recovery and providing improved preparation for their big day.”

MX3 Valuable for Athlete Training and Recovery

Dave Beeche, the managing director of the Oceania IRONMAN Group, said competing in IRONMAN at all levels is about maximizing performance to help make the impossible a reality. He continued:

“The IRONMAN Oceania operations team is very proud to have been working with MX3 throughout the year to provide hydration assessments of IRONMAN athletes in recovery tents post competition,” Beeche said. “The innovative technology of MX3’s Hydration Testing System is quickly becoming a valuable tool for IRONMAN coaches and athletes to help them optimize hydration management during training and recovery sessions in preparation for race day.”

If your are a trainer or coach looking for a simple tool to maximize athlete health and performance, learn more about the MX3 PRO and the new sweat test kit on our PRODUCTS page.

Ready to Order?

If your company is ready to start testing and tracking hydration for employees, MX3 Diagnostics can help you find the right equipment and products.

First, determine how you’ll use the MX3 PRO. Are you planning to test employees before and after work, so you can see how their hydration levels are affected on the worksite? Or will you be testing employees mid-day only on heat-sensitive projects? Hydration testing can ensure safety of employees in a variety of settings, and tracking hydration levels can help managers spot and prevent dehydration risks. Determine your schedule and plans for employee hydration testing, and then you can determine the products you’ll use.

To start, you’ll need at least one MX3 PRO Hydration Testing System (HTS). One PRO can test multiple employees, but you’ll want to have at least one available for every site or site manager. The HTS can be ordered as a single, or in packs of 3 or 5. Each HTS comes with a test strip dispenser, charging cables and a travel case. Boxes of test strips are included as well, but you’ll need to order more in the future.

Test strips are used once and discarded, so plan to have a test strip for each person and each measurement. So if you’re measuring an employee before and after work, you’ll need two test strips each day times the number of employees you’re testing. Test strips are sold in packs of 40, available in singles, 5 pack bundles, and 50 pack bundles.

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