Optimize Electrolyte Replacement with the MX3 Sweat Sodium Test

Every individual sweats differently during exercise. The exact volume of sweat lost and its salt content can dramatically differ due to many factors, including genetics, diet, acclimatization, and environment. This means that any one athlete can have dramatically different fluid and electrolyte needs depending on where they are training or competing.

How Personalized Electrolyte Replacement Improves Performance

Loss of electrolytes, most importantly sodium, during extended exercise can result in fatigue and muscle cramping if not appropriately replaced. For peak performance, an athlete must ensure they are drinking enough to stay hydrated but also ingesting enough electrolytes to offset their sweat losses. The amount of salt that needs to be replaced during and after exercise can be determined by testing the sodium concentration of a sweat sample collected during the activity.

Combined with the MX3 LAB, the MX3 Sweat Sodium Test contains everything you need to collect a sweat sample and determine its sodium concentration with laboratory-grade accuracy. Each sodium measurement result is used to generate a personalized sodium replacement strategy with advice on sodium intake before, during, and after exercise.

The MX3 Sweat Sodium Test integrates effortlessly with the MX3 Hydration Testing System – allowing you to establish highly personalized fluid and electrolyte replacement strategies for any challenge. Our customers include MMA, MLB, military groups, and national teams who use the MX3 Sweat Sodium Test to develop highly personalized fluid and electrolyte replacement plans. Learn more about the MX3 Sweat Sodium Test, or contact us for more information.

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