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About MX3 Diagnostics
About MX3 Diagnostics
About MX3 Diagnostics
About MX3 Diagnostics
About MX3 Diagnostics
About MX3 Diagnostics
About MX3 Diagnostics
About MX3 Diagnostics

MX3 was founded to make it easier for people to measure and manage their personal health and the health of teams and organizations. The MX3 team includes engineers, medical professionals, researchers, and professional athletes. Our relevant expertise includes electrochemistry, biomedicine, microfluidics, product engineering and design, signal processing, and machine learning. This breadth of experience makes it possible for MX3 to deliver new products that can transform rapid diagnostics for safety, fitness and overall health. Our team is based in Austin, Texas, USA; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; and Melbourne, Australia—and we're dedicated to serving teams and organizations worldwide.

Hydration in Underdeveloped Countries

Taking Health Diagnostics Out of the Lab

The MX3 system can bring testing to many environments that were not previously possible. Hydration testing is being performed today by our customers and partners out on the field, in the locker room, and in the home. Our global academic relationships have brought MX3 testing into other undertested environments where labs simply do not exist.

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Swedish Hydration Trials

Used Daily by Athletes, Soldiers & Workers

Through trials with professional sports teams, the U.S. military, multiple NCAA athletic programs, companies, and individual endurance athletes, MX3 has shown high-performance athletes and employees in high-risk jobs how easy it is to take and understand their hydration levels—and how to utilize this information to improve safety and performance.

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Proven Effective & Efficient

MX3's technology for testing salivary osmolarity (SOSM) has been proven effective and efficient in accurately measuring exercise- or environment-induced dehydration through multiple studies in the field and third-party labs.

Doctors Running Trial in Indonesia

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Ironman 2020 Oceania Series Official Hydration Diagnostics Partner

The MX3 Pro debuted at the 2019 IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship in Cairns, Australia—rated by athletes as the best IRONMAN in the world.

Athletes benefited from tracking hydration before, during and after the event to know when they needed to adjust drinking habits to perform better.

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