MX3 Hydration Testing System

Train Better: Optimize Hydration

MX3 is the official hydration diagnostics partner of IRONMAN Oceania Series.

Hydration impacts every physiological system in the body. But until now, hydration has been difficult to accurately measure and track.

Using MX3, athletes can measure hydration at home, before or after training, and even during events. IRONMAN Oceania Series has partnered with MX3 to offer high-performance athletes the opportunity to measure their hydration levels any time they choose, to optimize health and performance.

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"The MX3 Hydration Testing system has been a game changer!  Everyone knows the vital role hydration plays within our sport; it can literally make or break you."

- Ollie Allan, Director and Head Coach
Team Tri-Alliance

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Get a Professional Edge

MX3 is proven effective and accurate. The MX3 Pro debuted at the 2019 IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship in Cairns, Australia – rated by athletes as the best IRONMAN in the world. Athletes benefited from tracking hydration before, during and after the event to know when they needed to alter drinking habits to perform better.

If the world’s top athletes can improve their performance – imagine what you can do.

Track. Measure. Hydrate. Perform.

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