A Lab in the Palm of
Your Hand

MX3 Diagnostics

MX3 is bringing lab-quality biometric testing devices to the palm of your hand. Our first product measures an individual’s hydration status in seconds, accurately and cost effectively. Athletes and coaches can use this non-invasive approach to enable optimal hydration for maximum performance and recovery. The MX3 device is designed for teams, enterprises, and consumers alike, and uses a powerful, AI-enabled proprietary App to track measurements and calculate optimal rehydration strategies.

The MX3 team includes medical professionals, product engineers, researchers, and former professional level athletes. Our relevant expertise includes biochemistry, biomedical, microfluidics, nano engineering, electrochemistry, CMOS engineering design, and artificial intelligence.

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MX3 customer trials are happening today. Please contact us for more information about how you might try it for your team or yourself.