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Technology to Improve Soldier Health and Performance

Every member of the military knows the importance of reliable, effective technology. Technology to test and monitor warfighter health is no different. MX3’s Hydration Testing System (HTS) is proven to deliver valuable health diagnostics that are as reliable and important as the military demands.

The MX3 LAB Pro gives warfighters and all military personnel the ability to regularly and easily measure hydration status and to develop precise rehydration strategies to avoid heat-related issues and optimize performance. The MX3 LAB Pro provides lab-quality results in a portable handheld device that can go anywhere and be used anytime.

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Military Commitment

Soldiers and military personnel have to perform in extreme conditions, balancing optimal performance with personal safety. MX3 has developed the only complete system that measures and monitors critical data-points for the best protection against heat-related illnesses. MX3 is proud to be supporting our military customers.

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To date, the most rigorous third-party validation study of MX3’s accuracy compared to a lab-grade osmometer was conducted by the US Air Force in 2020.

Independent Validation of a Commercial Saliva Osmometer for Hydration Monitoring
“Findings indicate that the MX3 is accurate in its estimates of SOsM as compared to a laboratory grade osmometer.”
           - Abstract submitted to the Military Health System Research Symposium 2020


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MX3: The power of a lab, anytime anywhere

With MX3, the hydration status of warfighters and all military personnel can be assessed at any moment and monitored over time. Commanders and squadron leaders can have real-time awareness of their unit members’ dehydration risk and electrolyte loss. Users can track and identify activities that increase this risk in order to develop strategies to optimize health and performance.

Heat-related injuries are becoming of greater importance within the military. Whether in training or in a combat zone, dehydration should never get in the way of any service member being able to safely complete any task. MX3 is committed to providing all members of our military the tools they need to safely and effectively maintain proper hydration.

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Use the MX3 LAB anytime, anywhere. Simply take a quick saliva or sweat sample on the field or in the locker room.


MX3 is scientifically proven to measure biomarkers from saliva as accurately as a laboratory osmometer.


Your hydration level is recorded within seconds of taking a saliva measurement, and results immediately upload to your app.


The LAB can be used over and over by one person or entire teams. Just replace the disposable test strip after each measurement.


Test strips load easily into the LAB, and saliva measurements are made by simply placing the strip on the tip of the tongue.


The LAB can be used with or without Bluetooth or Internet access. Measurements can be taken anytime for immediate readings, then stored for later upload.

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