Saliva Hydration Testing Simplifies Reporting

MX3 improves testing frequency, cleanliness and comfort for geologists and miners.

BHP is a world-leading global resources company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company manages more than 80,000 employees and contractors worldwide. Below is feedback from a response coordinator for BHP Geoscience after giving his teams MX3 technology.

Improved testing frequency and buy-in

“We have 16 [MX3 PRO] units in use in our department alone, and I’ve helped a few other work groups with getting them and how to use / set up with their teams, and they’ve been brilliant.

Some of our contracting partners have been getting them too and are connected to our same dashboard with tags showing company/team they're from, so it saves them from having to send a report of their hydration stats (from urine testing as previously done). So it’s been a big win all around. [MX3 is] also great for diversity/inclusion, as no specific locations or gendered bathrooms are necessary for testing (and just so much more sanitary/safe).

Removing the hygiene risks and paperwork / data-entry requirements has really improved the frequency of testing and buy-in from team members. The excellent and quick support from MX3 has been fantastic!”

Ryan Stampfli, Field Response Coordinator, BHP Geoscience

Working Together to Monitor Hydration
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BHP Geoscience

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