Marathon Runners Train Better with Hydration Testing

Simple, regular testing and immediate feedback helps elite athletes develop smart hydration strategies

The Melbourne Midday Milers is a running club that meets during the lunch hour to encourage runners of all levels to run and train together. The Club runs regular events and helps many members train for marathons and other races. MX3 Diagnostics sponsored the Midday Milers who entered the Melbourne Marathon in 2019.

MX3 Pro Makes for Smarter Endurance Training

After these avid amateur runners used the MX3 PRO and dashboard to train for the marathon and other endurance events, we asked for their feedback. Across the board, they appreciated the immediate results and improved knowledge of their hydration status in all stages of athletic training.

In their words:

“I have been using the MX3 Hydration Testing System for several weeks now. Its instant feedback both before and after a run allows me to monitor my hydration for best performance. The App and interface is very simple to use and understand.” ~Antony Rickards, marathon runner

“I have often found it difficult to know where my hydration levels are at given time. We train in different conditions at different intensities. The data provided by the MX3 Hydration Testing System takes the guesswork out and ensures I can perform at my best.” ~Darren, runner

“It is nothing new to say that hydration levels have a close correlation with performance, but being able to proactively manage the situation in real-time is certainly an innovation. MX3 allows me to go into important training sessions knowing that I am optimally hydrated. Post-session analysis then enables an analysis of how well fluid intake during the event has maintained that condition. Based on a solid understanding of how my own body operates, the subsequent ability to personalise race preparation and an in-event strategy is an exciting proposition.” ~Andrew Compson, endurance athlete

“MX3 Hydration Testing System is brilliant device that can monitor your hydration requirements. Being a keen marathon runner, I’ve seen how being unprepared from this standpoint can negatively affect your performance. For any budding sports person out there, this is a must-have in your tool box.” ~David Alcock, marathon runner

“The MX3 hydration testing system provides a useful indication of my hydration levels during intense training sessions. The kit and App is easy to use with simple, intuitive colour-based hydration readouts, providing quick feedback to keep my training on track.” ~Andrew Pintar, runner & triathlete

"The MX3 Hydration testing system is an invaluable tool for coaches and athletes alike [who require] accurate, informative data in a matter of seconds. Easy to set up and easy to use." ~Ben, marathon runner

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