MX3 Protects Alabama Football Players in Extreme Heat

The Crimson Tide Football program protects athletes against high heat conditions by regularly monitoring hydration status with MX3.

Goal: Ensure Healthy Hydration and Improve Performance in High Heat Conditions

The University of Alabama’s football team, the Crimson Tide, practices and plays games in extremely hot, humid conditions. In the infamously hot days of Summer 2023,  practices were often held in temperatures above 100 degrees, with players having to perform during heat advisories. To prevent injuries and improve performances in these conditions, the training staff knew that players needed to not only hydrate well, but also take responsibility for their hydration before they were at risk.

Solution: The MX3 Hydration Testing System and Proactive Hydration Measures

The Crimson Tide sports medicine team integrated the MX3 Hydration Testing System into their practice routine. Trainers use the MX3 Lab to test players on the field and in the locker room. Through regular testing, they let players know if their levels show a risk for dehydration. Athletes are then told to consume more water or other rehydration drinks, with an amount personalized to each player’s needs.

The training team knows that to perform well at a Saturday game, the athletes need to start hydrating many days in advance.

Caption: Alabama offensive lineman Tyler Booker explains how the football players use MX3 to ensure constant, healthy hydration levels. 

“The hydration never really stops,” said Alabama offensive lineman Tyler Booker on “The Next Round Live.” “We have these tools you'll put the little tab on your tongue and it'll tell you how hydrated you are. The strength coaches are roaming those around everyday, so hydration for this Saturday really starts now. It all adds up leading up until Saturday.”

The players seem to respond well to the quick, saliva-based testing process, as well as the hydration strategies that support their health and success. 

Caption: Seth McLaughlin, who plays center for Alabama Football, talks about using MX3 on his tongue for hydration measurements and jokes about unintended side effects of constantly drinking water to ensure healthy hydration.

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