San Francisco Giants Personalize Hydration Care

San Francisco Giants Baseball

Saul Martinez, Major League Sports Scientist with San Francisco Giants Baseball, endorses MX3 for its quick results, giving him the ability to monitor and adjust hydration levels for players. The following responses are his words.

The Need: Prevent Injury and Personalize Hydration

“I am the Major League Sports Scientist of the San Francisco Giants in San Francisco, CA. Knowing that our professional athletes need to be ready to perform every day, I utilize MX3 as a way to keep them constantly hydrated and minimize the likelihood of muscular cramping or heat-related injuries.”

The Solution: The MX3 Hydration Testing System

“The capability to know my player’s hydration level within seconds using the MX3 device, makes my life as the Sports Scientist easier because it allows me to provide my players with an electrolyte drink and re-check it later to see if their hydration improved. The MX3’s capability of quickly and efficiently testing someone’s hydration and displaying a person’s hydration score trend is what makes it unique.”

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