UCLA Bruins Improve Hydration Education and Outcomes

UCLA Football Performance

Frank P. Wintrich, CSCS, Director of Football Performance at University of California, Los Angeles, endorses MX3 for monitoring and improving player hydration levels. The following responses are his words.

The Goal: Improve Health, Hydration, and Players’ Knowledge of Hydration

“As the Director of Football Performance I am responsible for the total health and well-being of 120 Division I football players. Innovation and efficiency are absolutely vital to the success of our operation. Our players' hydration levels, and educating them on proper hydration means are keys to our health and success on game day, and MX3 has made this possible for our program.”

The Problem: Cramping and Unknown Hydration Levels

“Prior to our deployment of the MX3 system, we had several issues with cramping on game day, particularly after long flights. MX3 enabled us to begin testing the hydration status of our athletes 48 hours prior to kick-off and develop proper hydration plans that enabled us to be proactive in our hydration approach.” 

The Solution: The MX3 Hydration Testing System

“The capability to assess and monitor hydration status for every player at our training facility, as well as on the road, is critical for the safety of our players. MX3 provides us with an efficient, simple to use, easy to understand and portable testing means. Use of this system allows us to avoid unnecessary heat-related incidents and ensures our players are able to perform at their best on game day. The scoring system MX3 utilizes, also helps us to educate our players on the efficacy of their hydration habits.”

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