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Hydration Testing System

The MX3 Hydration Testing System (HTS) uses a single device, the MX3 LAB, to run two different tests in real-time. The HTS not only informs a user how much to drink but what to drink, optimally replacing the correct electrolytes lost during exercise.

Saliva Testing Strip

Hydration Test

A simple saliva test shows any fluid deficit to determine hydration levels and can be compared to an athlete’s Optimal Hydration Zone (OHZ).


Hydrated < 65 mOsm
Mildly Dehydrated 65-100 mOsm
Moderately Dehydrated 100-150 mOsm
Severely Dehydrated > 150 mOsm

Sweat Test Strip

Sweat Test

A sweat sodium test tells an athlete how much sodium one loses in sweat, which is the critical datapoint for determining optimal electrolyte replacement and rehydration strategies.


Low < 750 mg/L
Moderate 750-1100 mg/L
High 1100-1450 mg/L
Very High > 1450 mg/L

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