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MX3 Hydration Testing System

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Every athlete knows the big impact a small difference can make. Whether you're analyzing equipment, training practices or diet, you need to regularly monitor and adjust every aspect of your training to ensure peak performance and to avoid injury. Hydration is an essential part of your conditioning, training and performance routine.

The MX3 LAB Pro gives all athletes the ability to regularly and easily measure their hydration level and to develop a precise rehydration strategy to avoid injury and improve performance.


Maintaining proper hydration is imperative to ensuring the body is always prepared to perform at its best. The MX3 LAB and app provide you with the tools you need to instantaneously measure and track your hydration level in real time:

  • Measure – Use the MX3 LAB to take quick and accurate hydration readings
  • Track – Sync your results with the app and track your measurements over time
  • Adjust – Use your data to find patterns of when and how to adjust hydration strategies
  • Perform – Through proper hydration, you'll achieve your best results


MX3 puts the power of a lab into the hand of any athlete. 

With MX3, athletes at all levels are empowered to take control of their hydration and leverage data to optimize their performance. The compact and portable LAB Pro makes it easy to integrate hydration testing into training routines and to monitor hydration in real time.

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