F1 Drivers Feeling the Heat Ahead of Gruelling Races

March 20, 2024
F1 Drivers Feeling the Heat Ahead of Gruelling Races

With the Formula 1 season well and truly underway and the Melbourne Grand Prix right around the corner, drivers and teams will be monitoring heat and hydration more than ever.

The Qatar Grand Prix and Dangerous Heat Conditions

Just last season at the Qatar Grand Prix, hot and humid conditions claimed a number of drivers including Logan Sergeant retiring early from the race and Estseban Ocon even reporting vomiting in his helmet due to heat stress. Mercedes Driver George Russell also reported the race as "brutal" and that he felt "close to fainting" because of the temperatures. A number of other racers including Aston Martin's Lance Stroll, needed to be medically evaluated after experiencing concerning levels of dehydration.

Drivers Preparation for Hot Races

In preparation for these types of races, drivers are being urged to stay well hydrated in order to battle the dangerous and hot conditions on race day. MX3 helps drivers such as George Russell to maintain and track hydration to perform at their best!

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