Hydration testing for baseball players

December 12, 2019
Hydration testing for baseball players

In December, MX3 was invited to participate in the 2019 Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society’s (PBATS) product review showcase in San Diego, California. The PBATS meetings are part of the annual Baseball Winter Meetings, the premier event for Major League Baseball executives, owners, trainers and managers.

At our booth, MX3 team members demonstrated to representatives from all 30 major league baseball teams the convenience of tracking players’ hydration with the MX3 Hydration Testing System.

We also gave teams a sneak-preview of the MX3 Sweat Test (available April 2020) and discussed how personalized sodium management can improve hydration and performance.

Many teams’ trainers expressed a keen interest in adopting salivary hydration assessment using the MX3 HTS together with sweat sodium profiling, Multiple teams have placed orders so that they can begin implementing MX3 measurements in their training.

Are you interested in adopting the MX3 HTS or Sweat Test with your team? Contact MX3 now to discuss best use practices and bulk orders.

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