Hydration Trials Underway in Indonesia

June 5, 2019
Hydration Trials Underway in Indonesia

Hydration testing is not only important for performance athletes, but it is also a valuable tool in medical diagnostics. In many low-resource or rural environments, hydration testing is difficult due to insufficient clinical staffing and reduced access to laboratory testing equipment. The MX3 LAB is an effective, portable and affordable way for medical professionals to non-invasively test hydration levels.

Dr. Gita (center) and two fellow doctors performed hydration trials a hospital in Indonesia.

MX3 is working with the clinical research group of Dr. Gita Vita Soraya, M.D., Ph.D. (Medical Faculty, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia) to test and monitor hydration levels of children with severe dehydration. The MX3 Hydration Testing System (HTS) serves as a highly effective yet simple way to measure hydration without having to subject children to blood or urine tests.

MX3’s technology of using only small saliva samples to test a variety of biomarkers will be a game-changer for rural health clinics. The company looks forward to more trials and opportunities to improve healthcare in impoverished and rural areas around the globe.

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