MX3 Announces the First Portable Sweat Test System with Immediate Laboratory-grade Results

January 23, 2020
MX3 Announces the First Portable Sweat Test System with Immediate Laboratory-grade Results
  • MX3 Diagnostics introduces the first point-of-care sweat sodium test that can be used to design a personalized electrolyte-replacement strategy
  • The MX3 Sweat test measures individual sodium loss, making laboratory-grade sweat testing fast, easy and cost effective
  • Designed to be used with the MX3 Hydration Testing System, which tracks fluid loss, the MX3 Sweat Test adds key new information for athletes, workers and soldiers on the optimal hydration strategy for them

AUSTIN, Texas & MELBOURNE, Australia — February 23, 2020: MX3 Diagnostics, Inc. (MX3), the company that introduced the first saliva-based, portable hydration testing system, announces the pre-order availability of the MX3 Sweat Test, a personalized assessment that determines electrolyte loss during exercise or exertion.

The MX3 Sweat Test determines sodium loss in sweat with laboratory-grade accuracy. Current sweat-testing systems rely on shipping samples to remote facilities or the use of expensive or complicated equipment. MX3’s portable Sweat Test offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience that empowers users to perform sweat testing as frequently as they desire with immediate, actionable results.

Sweat testing is important for anyone who engages in extended physical exertion. Key electrolytes are lost via sweat, which can result in fatigue, muscle cramping and headaches if not appropriately replaced. Research shows that sweat sodium loss can vary dramatically among individuals, and can be impacted by exercise intensity, environment and diet. Understanding electrolyte loss in sweat can guide optimal rehydration strategies.

“Instead of using just any rehydration drink after exercise, athletes and soldiers using MX3 choose the rehydration formula that best replaces the sodium they lose in sweat,” said Alan Luther, head of sales for MX3. “Routine testing of sweat sodium levels during travel, or after changes in climate, gives our customers new insight into fluctuations in salt-replacement needs.”

The MX3 Sweat Test is designed to be used with the MX3 Hydration Testing System, the world’s first real-time, saliva-based hydration testing platform. The MX3 Sweat Test uses MX3’s patent-pending, pre-calibrated, electrochemical test strip to measure sodium concentration in seconds from just a droplet of sweat. With one portable, handheld MX3 LAB device, users can now test both hydration levels and sweat content to determine how much and what to drink.

With the MX3 Sweat Test and MX3 LAB, any coach, trainer or supervisor can become a sweat-testing provider. “We used the MX3 Sweat testing system during our Thailand Training Camp in 2019,” said Ollie Allan, director of Tri-Alliance, one of the largest triathlon training teams in Australia. “Our aim was to investigate the effect of heat acclimation over a 2-week period on a group of triathletes to see what changes in sodium loss would occur. With MX3 we were able to test athletes simply, easily and regularly with instant results. This is the first device that gives us coaches the opportunity to monitor any changes of adaptation within our athletes, whilst training in both warm and cool climates. MX3 is a must-have for any coach or sports performance professional.”

The MX3 Sweat Test is now available for pre-order for individual or group sales.

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MX3 is a health technology company with a revolutionary approach to portable, point-of-care health analytics. MX3’s portable testing system leverages proprietary technology across biosensors, electrochemistry, and machine learning to measure health and fitness metrics for a variety of markets, including military, worker safety, and sports and fitness.

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