MX3 at #melbmara

November 1, 2018
MX3 at #melbmara

Wow! What an experience we all had at the Melbourne Marathon!

MX3 was thrilled to be a part of “Australia’s largest marathon” as our first public event in October 2018. We were overwhelmed by the positive response we had from the athletes and attendees. More than 1000 of you stopped by our booth to learn about hydration testing and had your own hydration tested.

Hydration testing booth Recording pre-race hydration levels

The day before the race, we had a great time meeting all the incredible athletes, taking their initial hydration levels, and discussing the role that hydration has on performance. On the morning of the race, we recorded their pre-race hydration levels at the start line, and after the race at the finish line. We thank you for being part of our largest hydration testing study.

Our largest hydration testing study Discussing the importance of hydration

The 2018 Melbourne Marathon was an exciting time to publicly show off the Pro edition of our product. MX3 is excited to make a difference in how athletes train, prepare and perform.

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