MX3 Hydration Testing for First Responders

August 30, 2019
MX3 Hydration Testing for First Responders

AFAC is the Australian and New Zealand National Council for Fire and Emergency Services and land management. The conference they host each year is the continent’s largest and most comprehensive emergency management conference and exhibition. At AFAC19, held August 27-30, 2019, in Melbourne, MX3 exhibited the benefits of hydration testing for first responders.

During the three-day expo, over 100 professionals came by the MX3 booth to experience the MX3 Hydration Testing System Pro and learn more about how it works. We talked with fire fighters and emergency responders from various Australian states and around the world. We met with agencies involved in bushfire/wildfire management operations, as well as researchers in natural disasters.

From this diverse group, we learned that hydration awareness is generally high among this community given that they are regularly exposed to extreme heat; however, not much is being done to counter dehydration apart from drinking to thirst. The audience was very positive about the potential of using the MX3 HTS as a rapid, real-time and simple tool for hydraiton assessment and multiple groups have planned MX3 HTS trials during the 2019/2020 bushfire season.

The AFAC conference was another reminder that audiences for portable, reliable hydration testing and tracking technology are wide and varied. Many people will be healthier and safer with the technology to track hydration in real time.

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