MX3 Hydration Testing for Mining

September 3, 2019
MX3 Hydration Testing for Mining

Workers in underground mines can experience severe heat stress due to the heat and humidity of their environment and the physically demanding nature of their work. Dehydration of mine workers can result in impaired concentration, decreased work capacity and increased risk of heat illness.

In August/September 2019 MX3 and Kirkland Lake Gold performed a trial with the MX3 Hydration Testing System at the Fosterville Mine, the largest gold producer in Victoria, Australia. During the trial period both safety co-ordinators and miners found the MX3 HTS to be a more pleasant and easier way of assessing hydration. Kirkland Lake Gold has since adopted the MX3 Hydration Testing System (HTS) at this facility.

"The MX3 Hydration test unit we have been trialling has proven to be both easy to use and much less invasive than traditional methods whilst delivering the results in a timely manner. Having the ability to be to see results on the App is a great visual aid to personnel to get a clear idea of where they are at with their hydration as well as their previous results all at one time."

Michael Gibbons
Safety/Emergency Response Coordinator
Fosterville Gold Mine

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