MX3 Partners with Twilight Aged Care for Hydration Testing

February 14, 2022
MX3 Partners with Twilight Aged Care for Hydration Testing

Hydration is very important for older adults. Research has shown that dehydration is associated with an increased risk of accidents, such as falls, and other health conditions, such as urinary tract infections.  Current measures of hydration are inaccurate and/or can be invasive making it difficult to accurately measure hydration of older adults on an ongoing basis.

MX3 is excited to announce our partnership with Twilight Aged Care, a leading aged care provider in Sydney. Residential aged care is something entirely different from our usual sport and industrial use-cases, and this partnership will help us understand how we can best apply the MX3 Hydration Testing System in this important setting.

Last year we visited some of Twilight’s homes to meet with residents and Twilight nursing and care team members.  We are grateful to the many Twilight residents who have volunteered to be tested and look forward to the interesting insights which will be generated by this project.

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