New & Improved MX3 Features

May 1, 2023
New & Improved MX3 Features

MX3 is excited to announce the launch of our new Mobile App and Portal features!

Measurement Sessions

Measurement Sessions streamline the measurement process for groups of users who are routinely measured. You can use this tool to quickly identify users who still need to be measured before the start of work or exercise. 

Account Permissions

A new and  intuitive account permissions system, allowing you to precisely control which users in your organization can view, edit, or delete accounts and historical measurement data.

Customized Recommendations

Use the MX3 Portal to customize the hydration and sodium replacement guidance displayed in the MX3 App on the App results page, and on measurement records. Recommendations can be customized for your whole organization, for a specific tag or for specific users.

Custom Measurements

Custom Measurements let you log important wellness and performance data using the MX3 App,  such as weigh-in/weigh-out values or hours of sleep. Measurement data is tied to a user account and can be analyzed using the MX3 Portal.

Measurement Surveys

Measurement Surveys are a list of questions presented to the user after conducting a hydration measurement, letting you record important information to contextualize measurement results. Responses to the survey are paired with hydration results and can be viewed in the MX3 App and MX3 Portal.

And many more App and Portal improvements to make using MX3 better than ever!

To access these new features, download the latest MX3 App through the Google Play or iOS App store. Available from 7th May 2023! 

Support & FAQs available at MX3 Resources Center.



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