The New MX3 Experience Coming Soon

May 4, 2020
The New MX3 Experience Coming Soon


MX3 is excited to announce the launch of our new Mobile App and Portal!

There’s some exciting new features and improvements which make the MX3 experience even better, including:

Sweat Sodium Measurements

Compatible with the MX3 LAB, the MX3 Sweat Test Kit allows athletes or workers to determine electrolyte loss from a sweat sample and create personalized re-hydration strategies.

Measurement Reports

Generate and share informative PDF reports with measurement interpretation and advice for your workers or athletes.

A Faster and Easier to use Mobile App and Portal

Our App and Portal have been completely rewritten from the ground up to be more informative, more intuitive and much, much faster.

Simplified Account Management

Now all users of any level can log into the MX3 App and take measurements. Upgrading a worker or athlete to a manager or administrator can be done in seconds.


Tons of other improvements to make getting started and making measurements with MX3 easier than ever.

To access these new features, download the latest MX3 App through the Google Play or iOS App store. Available from 14th May 2020! 

Support & FAQs available at MX3 Resources Center.



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