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MX3 Announces the First Portable Sweat Test System with Immediate Laboratory-grade Results

January 27th 2020

MX3 Sweat Test adds key new information for athletes, workers and soldiers on the optimal hydration strategy for them.

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Official Press Release - First Portable Sweat Test System

January 23rd 2020

MX3 Announces the First Portable Sweat Test System with Immediate Laborator.

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Sports Technology Blog

January 19th 2020

The Tech Approach To Managing Hydration

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November 2nd 2019

Michael Luther, CEO and Co-Founder of MX3 Diagnostics, on what the Google-FitBit deal means.

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Endurance Business

September 6th 2019

MX3 created what is billed as the first saliva-based ‘lab-in-your-hand’ health diagnostics platform, for non-invasive hydration testing.

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September 5th 2019

MX3 Diagnostics has been named the official hydration diagnostics partner for the 2019-2020 IRONMAN Oceania Series.

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Diagnostics World

July 1st 2019

MX3 Diagnostics announced the pre-order availability of its flagship portable product, the MX3 Hydration Testing System Pro Version.

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Air Force Times

June 26th 2019

Are you drinking enough water? The Air Force is testing a new device that could tell you.

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