How MX3 Works



Take a quick sample of saliva anytime, anywhere. Lab-accurate results are stored in the MX3 app.



Using the app’s dashboard, track hydration levels of individuals or teams over time. Spot trends in dehydration risks and adjust to users’ hydration needs.



Bodies perform better when properly hydrated. MX3 equips you to understand and adjust this critical factor.


A quick, portable saliva test and immediate results means action can be taken in the field, at work, or at home

1. Take Fast Saliva Measurement

hydration testFollow the prompts to connect your MX3 LAB to the MX3 App. Insert one Hydration Test strip. The MX3 Hydration Test Strip is a single-use biosensor that samples saliva from the tongue to determine the salivary osmolarity (SOSM) and hydration status of an individual. Measurements can be taken anywhere and can be administered in a hygenic way, with only one device, as each indiviudal uses a new dissosable sensor each time. No other special equipment needed.


2. See Results in Seconds

hydration resultsWithin seconds, get a personal hydration score. As a manager or an individual, you know where you stand and can take action immediately. Hydration measurements are viewed in real time directly on the MX3 LAB or App and uploaded wirelessly to the MX3 Portal for a more detailed analysis. The MX3 App and Portal have been designed for use by teams and organizations or individuals.


3. Interpret Results Immediately and Take Action

hydration resultsImmediate results means that you can take immediate action. Personal hydration data allows you to determine hydration needs to maximize safety and performance.

Your color-coded hydration data alerts you as follows:

Green - Hydrated. Continue activity.
Yellow - Mildly dehydrated. Make efforts to rehydrate to full hydration status.
Orange - Moderately dehydrated. Hydrate with at least 500 ml of water or personalized electrolyte liquid, based on sweat sodium level.
Red - Severely dehydrated. Seek professional advice and rehydrate immediately.

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